Full body wrap of peat or seaweed and a fluid circulation activating massage

95.00 €
90 min

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Finnish peat is rich in elements, such as silicon, manganese, copper and magnesium. The lower layers of mires may be up to 5000-6000 years old and contain a variety of herbal and medicinal plant residues and bioactive substances that are very effective for health and wellness in peat treatments and saunas. Therapeutic peat releases the bioactive substances it contains into your body, while removing impurities and excess fluid from your body at the same time. After the treatment, your skin will feel soft and you will feel relaxed.

The treatment is especially recommended for those with skin problems, hormonal ailments, metabolic challenges, fibromyalgia and rheumatics, as well as those in need of relaxation.

The effective ingredients of finely ground bladder fucus act against cellulite, remove toxins from the body and stimulate cell renewal. Algae therapy should not be used if you are hypersensitive to iodine and algae, have hyperthyroidism, have an acute skin condition, have unhealed stitches after surgery, or are pregnant or breast-feeding. Do not use hot wraps with vasculitis or varicose veins.


Gentle full body scrub


Refreshing guasha treatment for the head and face

Herbal exfoliation and light massage for the whole body

85.00 €
70 min

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Exfoliation removes dry skin and refreshes the surface blood circulation. Exfoliation is an excellent pampering treatment before other body treatments or massages. I prepare the exfoliation materials myself, using e.g. herbs, salts, flowers and fruits. Please mention any allergies and hypersensitivity when booking a treatment so that I can prepare the best mix for you.


Herbal exfoliation