Sliding cupping with gua sha comb treatment for the whole body

90.00 €
90 min

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Sliding cupping, or muscle massage with suction cups, stimulates the metabolism and effectively opens up clogged tissue, a common phenomenon, for example, in the area of ​​the thighs, i.e. cellulite. Sliding cupping is also an extremely effective for opening a clogged muscle membrane in combination with a gua sha comb treatment.

Part treatment 60 € / 60 min

Blood cupping over the whole body, approx.

100.00 €
60 min

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Blood cupping is an ancient form of treatment in which the oxygen-free, “bad blood” that has accumulated in tissues is released by making incisions in the skin with a cupping axe. When functioning under pressure, cupping horns remove blood from the incisions. The treatment is an excellent release of pressure for aching muscles. Many customers claim a feeling of lightness and empowerment after cupping – you will also be released of your worries and troubles, and ready to start your new life!

For the first cupping session, we recommend cupping the whole body.

For a sub-area, e.g. neck-shoulder area about 70 € / 45 min
Blood cupping for two at a total price of 180 € / 90 min

You can also attend with a spouse or friend.

Opening massage and blood cupping

125.00 €
50 min + 60 min

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We recommend a muscle opening massage 1-2 days prior to the blood cupping. The massage promotes the circulation of fluid in the body and prepares the muscles for the cupping process.